Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chunky Lemon Soup

Soooo... yeah.  The lemon bars turned out not so much as bars and more like soup with a crust.  Totally my fault - I put them in too small of a pan so they were too thick to cook properly.  Instead they became (after chopping up the crust) chunky lemon soup.  Delicious, though leaving something to be desired in the texture department.  But we'll try this again, in a proper pan, and we may have a stellar gluten free lemon bar recipe for you yet.

Just not today.

Today I have chunky lemon soup.  Yum.

Well, at least I thought it was tasty. Violet and Mitch took one look at it and both gave me the single eyebrow raise. Vi opted for apples and peanut butter and Mitch opted for some sassy remark. Sigh.

But Henry gave it the chipmunk cheeks of approval.

I considered trying again today, but then I noticed my sink and decided I'm avoiding the kitchen at all costs today.  Maybe we'll just play outside instead.

But wait, what's that outside?  Could it be?

Yup, snow.  Back again like a guest that overstayed their welcome last night and is back this morning to have coffee with you.  Snow, I like you, but I'd like you better if I didn't see you for a while.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder dontcha know.

See that's why you all are getting a lovely blog post again so soon.  No sunshine :-(

But here's something to cheer us up - another peek at our Earth Day giveaway...

What is it?  It's a whatever-you-want-to-stick-in-it roll.  Knitting needles, pencils, markers, paint brushes, whatev.  For the kids or for you, it keeps things nice and organized (I got two, one for you guys and one for moi).  I'm thinking this may help solve our colored-pencils-all-over-the-freaking-place problem.  You actually have to pull pencils out of this thing one at a time instead of dumping over the box and kicking them around the house.  Here's hoping anyways.
And how can you win it?  Why by coming here on Earth Day (this Friday) and commenting on my Earth Day blog post of course!  See you then!

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