Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CuteyBaby Diapers Review

So, I really was completely ready and excited to love this new diaper, but alas, it was not to be. It's not a completely awful diaper, but just isn't something I'd buy considering all the other great options on the market. Why?

*It didn't hold up to the overnight toddler test. I have a 3yo who still wets the bed at night and a husband who absolutely CANNOT distinguish the difference between a daytime and a nighttime diaper, so ALL my diapers need to be able to handle a nighttime call to action. This one wasn't able to handle that. We didn't get a big puddle, so it did work somewhat, but the pee had wicked onto the outside of the diaper between her legs (a common place for that to happen) and made her jammies wet.

The insert portion of the diaper wasn't completely soaked or anything so personally I think the problem is in the laminate that is used on the outside of the diaper. As nice as super soft laminates are, I have found that time and again, when you get away from the basic polyester PUL, you tend to encounter wicking more often. Minky often has this problem and cotton knit laminates. Which makes them just fine for daytime use when diapers are changed more often, but sometimes causes nighttime problems.

*The tabs are removable. This fact is touted as a benefit for CuteyBaby diapers - that way you can just remove the velcro when you wash so the velcro lasts longer and the diapers stay looking newer because there are never any snags or diaper chains. While this is awesome in theory, the fact was that in our house, we were delayed in trying out this diaper by a few weeks because I took the velcro off to do the initial pre-wearing wash and it promptly disappeared. Just grew legs and walked away. I eventually found it so we could try out the diaper, but just the fact that it has small pieces to get lost turned me off. I think if you are concerned about velcro wearing out and diaper chains, just using a snap diaper is a much simpler option.

So - those are the big two reasons I would choose another brand over CuteyBaby. It did have some nice features - soft outer, interesting inner channel and soaker set-up that worked well, cute prints available - but those weren't enough to make me want to buy a bunch of my own.
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