Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cloth Diapers at Costco?

So - if you're a Minnesota cloth diaper mama then you know that the only local places that have cloth diapers for sale are the all natural type places and the baby boutiques. While I do love these stores, I was excited to see that Costco will be holding some local events to bring cloth diapers to the masses. A new cloth diaper on the market - CuteyBaby - will be selling a special wholesale diaper pack at select Costco stores in the coming months.

These special sales events are only available in-store to Costco members, but still, any public exposure for cloth diapers is a GOOD THING!

Maybe you haven't heard of anyone using cloth diapers in the last 30 years? WHERE have you been? Cloth diapers are making a comeback in a big way and are just as different from your the diapers your mom wore as your iPhone is from your grandma's rotary phone. Don't feel bad though, I hadn't heard of modern cloth diapers until Henry was 2. I love them now though. The environmental aspect is nice and the money savings are GREAT! And the natural feedback that kids get from cloth diapers is wonderful for contributing to potty independence.

There are so many different cloth diapers out there and each one has it's own schtick or gimmick - some of which are very handy, some of which are cute, and some of which I just don't understand WHY anyone would want that. This particular diaper (which I haven't seen yet, but which the owner, Ada, has graciously offered to send 
me a sample) features a free flying sewn-in soaker for quick dry times, some kind of channel elastic system for containing messes, and removable closures. It also comes in many super cute prints (I am a big fan of prints). I am eager to try out the quick dry soaker - i've tried things like that before and found them to be a great feature. The channel elastic thing i'm not so sure about but it seems like a good idea. I'm imagining it fits something like the Gdiaper inners. The removable closures though just seem like a recipe for disaster in our house. Like we really need MORE little pieces to lose? The starter pack does come with a handy "Closure Keeper" magnet that sticks on your washer so that's a plus. We'll see how it goes, and frankly, if it works in THIS house - it'll work for anyone :-)

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