Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome Ivy!

She's here!  Baby Ivy was born on May 14th at 4:34 a.m. and she was 10lb 2oz and 22 inches long.  I'll post the full birth story later, but I just wanted to check-in today.

I'm really glad to be back among the able-bodied but so far all i've managed to do is plant some pumpkins in our ditch (note to self: check and see if the pumpkins are dead yet - if not, water them).  I have so many things I'd like to do this summer, but I don't know if much of anything will come to fruition with four kids.  A banging/music wall in the backyard is on my list, as are some upgrades to my garden and sandbox, but for today I think the most i'm going to get done is hang the wash on the clothesline and maybe water a few things.

So, as we were out and about with Grandma yesterday, I got to thinking - there is lots of help for new moms out there.  ECFE classes, classes at the hospital, blogs, websites, books, etc.  But once you are on your third kid, and certainly your fourth, none of that is very helpful or relevant anymore.  You already know lots of potty training tips and how to install any car seat in any vehicle.  But no one has classes on how to raise a BIG family.  Because raising four is WAY different from raising one.  Different problems and issues, and i'm guessing there are also different tricks and tips and ways of handling things when you have four or more.  Ways to organize your life and wrangle your kids so you end the day with approximately as much hair as you started it with.

So that is another item on my list - find the wisdom of parents of large families - find out what they know.  And when I do, i'll be sure to share it with you :-)

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