Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Workboxes, eh?

I have been doing alot of research on homeschooling lately because when the financial aid information came back from the kids' school, it was not so favorable this year as it has been in past years.  I am definitely going to homeschool Mitchell this year because besides the money factor, he has so far been pretty unsuccessful at handling a classroom full of kids without medication.  I haven't been very happy with the side effects of his medication so if I am able to homeschool him meds-free, I think that would be the best for him.  So we'll give it a try.  As for the other two, we are still in negotiations with the school, so only time will tell how that will turn out.

So as I was doing this homeschooling research, I stumbled across the concept of workboxes.  It is a way to encourage independent work by setting out 12 boxes with 12 different activities for them to do.  It is also a way to get organized and gather your supplies and whatnot ahead of time, so that would be GREAT for me.  I found a lot of detailed information about workboxes here.

I think this would be great for me because it would force me to be prepared and organized instead of constantly digging for supplies at the last minute.  And I think it would be great for Mitchell because the visual of all those full boxes becoming empty boxes would help him gauge how much he has done and what he has left to do.  And when I get distracted by the baby (as babies often do) he can keep working without me because he will know what needs to be done.

So i'm adding plastic boxes to my back-to-school supply list - i'll let you know how it goes!

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