Friday, March 4, 2011

Ebb and Flow

Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I felt like I was swimming with the current of my life.  Usually I feel like a spawning salmon, struggling and struggling to make any headway upriver.  But yesterday was a decidedly good day.

Nothing earthshaking happened, nothing magical.  Mitch went to school, Dusty went to work, the rest of us went to the library and then just chilled.  But in a way it was a magical day.  Everything just clicked.  I felt like I was getting a peek into the secret garden that normal people live in.  It was all duckies and bunnies, sunshine and rainbows.

But seriously, it was great.  We got up, everyone ate breakfast without whining, and somehow the kids all ended up in coordinating outfits (not purposeful but very cute).  Mitch went to school and we hung out at my uncle's coffee shop and did kindergarten lessons with Henry while waiting for the library to open.  The kids were well behaved, the baked goods were delicious.  We got books and "Weeds: Season 2" from the library and then came home.  I made lunch and did laundry.  I watched Weeds and snuggled the babe in for a nap while the middles made an elaborate setup with the Geotrax up in the playroom.  When the baby was sound asleep we read a bunch of our new library books.  After that, we did some painting, got Mitchell, and did even more painting and train play.

After an uneventful dinner and the dinner dishes done, I took Mitchell to Cub Scouts.  While he was there I went back to the coffee shop to work on some blog posts I have in the hopper.  The evening ended with a few heartfelt tears remedied by some special father-son time for Mitch.  For me, another episode of Weeds for me, followed by snuggling.

See?  Nothing fabulous.  Normal stuff.  Which for us, is fabulous.

There was peace, there was balance, there was marital teamwork.  There was art, there was reading. Thank you God for this soul filling day.  It made me feel like we might actually have the capacity in us somewhere for a normal life.  Or at least as close to normal as I care to be.  And that is a great feeling.

How has your week been?  Any highs you'd like to share?  Lows?  I'm listening...


  1. Is it wrong that I wish your blog had a "Like" button?


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