Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Scribbles

*  Sometimes the minds of the men in this family are just fascinating to watch in action.  Henry has been working on patterns in kindergarten so he figures if we want another boy in the family, all we need to do is have another baby.  Boy, boy, girl, girl... naturally a brother will come next.  Or perhaps baby chicks instead?

*  I have never had my children hound me for another baby to this degree before.  Apparently Ivy has made quite a good impression.  Despite the fact that I was a less than stellar mother for about nine months because of nausea and various aches and pains that got pretty severe, they are all gung ho to do it again.  Almost from the minutes she was born they have been asking when we're having another and they are still going pretty strong.  Not a week goes by that some child or another doesn't make a comment about more babies.  Funny that this doesn't happen until mama decides that if she has ONE MORE BABY she is probably going to go right over the edge.

*  On a more positive note, I am just one child away from writing a post updating our school situation.  One is still up in the air for the fall, but once we get that one nailed down, a post will follow shortly.

*  The three goose families that have been living on our route to and from school have moved.  We enjoyed seeing the goslings grow and waving to them four times a day as we drove past, but one day tragedy struck.  The families were obviously distressed as they milled around on the shoulder of the road near the place where a very flat gosling lay in the road.  The next day, they were all gone, flat gosling included.  Perhaps it was just too painful to continue living near the scene of the tragedy, perhaps the geese and ganders just realized that the shoulder of the road is an inherently dangerous place for preteen goslings to be hanging out.  Bye guys, we'll miss you.

*Speaking of roadkill, why did the chicken cross the road?  To show the racoon that it COULD be done.  Thanks to Uncle Warren for that chuckler.

What thoughts are scribbling around in your head today?


  1. Seriously, what is it about babies that kids want more of them? My son has been asking the same thing of me and most recently asking his dad, too. He has a baby sister but he says she's not a baby any more and he wants a baby in the house. We'll mind is not decided for the time being.

    And I totally get the raccoon joke. They are such a commonly hit animal around here, too.

    And sad about the goose family. We have many of them around here but mostly they are all grown now.

  2. My son wanted a brother and kept asking for one and now he's getting one soon.. LOL I'm pregnant with #6. Mine went girl-girl-boy-girl-girl-now boy. I guess the pattern is there are least for me ;)


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