Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flats Challenge Day 4: Noso Glory

This is a week of bloggy firsts. First time blogging daily for a whole week, first blog challenge, first guest bloggers, and now my first vlog!

It's a little rough around the edges, but I think I got the information across pretty well. In the vlog I walk you through how to make your own Noso (no-sew) fleece diaper cover.

Please excuse my dogs, that's just a typical day around here - beastly little beasts making nuisances of themselves. The girls are all over me now so there will be no redos.

Notes to self for next vlog:
*Lock up stinkin' dogs!
*Get a tripod or something so I can get a decent angle.
*Do it again soon because that was fun!

Let me know if you decide to make a Noso cover, how it turned out and how you liked the tutorial -  I am always up for feedback :-)

***Want to learn more about the flats challenge?  See the official rules here.***

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  1. Thanks for the vlog tutorial!

    I really appreciate you doing that. Last year I cut out SO many wannabe no sew fleece covers but I could never get it to work. Now I realize I was trying to stay more like a "traditional" diaper cover and you are right, without elastic you need to make extra material for the cover and more of a shorts fit. Also love the idea of tying it, I was trying diaper pins and let me tell you those are HARD to get through fleece!

    Love the idea about making it long and just folding down the rise.

    Thanks so much, I am definitely going to try this after the Flats handwashing challenge is over. :)

  2. Could you post the basic measurements of the no sew? I'm not sure how much fleece to buy. Thanks so much. I'm excited to try this!

  3. How much fleece you use depends on the size of cover you are making. The one I made in the video is about 30" x 22" max dimensions.


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