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Flats Challenge Day 6: Sharing the Love

Since I am on vay-cay right as we speak, enjoy the guest reviews (I know I did!)...

How Are Osocozy Flats? Review and Giveaway
May 25, 2011 by Julie Kieras
When I made the decision to cloth diaper, I thought I’d have to use prefolds. Then I learned about modern cloth diapers and was delighted. The idea of flats (flats? What are flats?) never crossed my mind. I honestly didn’t understand why prefolds were called “PRE-fold” because you still had to FOLD them. So how could they be PRE-folded, right? This is because I was unaware of flats, which really ARE un-folded!

Flats are great, because they are lint free, so in addition to diapering, you can use them for cleaning, burp cloths, dish towels, changing pads, and any numer of uses! Flats are what the rest of the world (that doesn’t have easy access to running water and electricity) is using to diaper their babies, because of the versatility, ease of use, and quick dry time.

Now I’m using flats for the first time! In particular, OsoCozy flat cloth diapers, which I am very pleased with. In fact, using OsoCozy has been a great introduction to the flat diapering world! If you use a diaper service, you might already be familiar with the OsoCozy brand, because their prefolds are very popular with diaper services!
OsoCozy flats are a high quality material! I’ve used birdseye purchased at the fabric store for making wipes, but OsoCozy material is much more durable than what I purchased. Not surprising, since OsoCozy’s reputation is built on the claim of being 25% thicker than comparable products in stores. I believe it!

The OsoCozy flat is a 27×27 sheet of birdseye, 1 layer thick, made to dry quickly. I had trouble drying my flats the first night because I left them in my basement, and it was a humid, rainy day. The next night, I hung the diapers in the first floor bathroom with the ventilation fan on, and they were dry the next morning.

Unlike other fabrics, the OsoCozy flats had very little warping after drying (none depending on how I hung them!), and even handwashed and air-dried, they felt soft (super soft when I prepped them in the machine / dryer last week!). And OsoCozy claims their unbleached version is even softer!

Stains come out of these flats easily too – after two washes, I can’t find the diaper that got stained in the first place. And that’s without bleach or sunning!

And what a bargain! $18.95 for a dozen. That’s just $1.58 per diaper! Stock up! (Even cheaper if you get 5 dozen at once!).

Wait – WHERE can you find these great flats at such a low price?, of course! (Wow, I’m betting they’re glad they snagged that URL before anyone else did!). generously sent me a 12-pack of flats specifically so I could do this #flatschallenge! In fact, while you can get OsoCozy flats and prefolds at numerous retailers, is the actual originator of the OsoCozy cloth diaper! So you’re right at the source! And if you’re lucky enough to live in Utah, you can visit their brick-and-mortar store in Sandy, UT!

At, you’ll find flats, prefolds, and a range of organic diapers. They carry FuzziBunz, Grovia, diapering accessories, trainers, and other baby essentials. And if you don’t know where to start – how about their extensive FAQ page about cloth diapering?

Editor's note:  And now, if you were wondering what to put over those Osocozy flats...

Cloth Diaper Friday: Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Giveaway

Ever wonder what people do once their babies are grown, teenagers with busy lives. And there is no need for cloth diapering? Yeah, that thought makes me sad. And I could probably write an entire post about it.

But, good thing Shirley & Betsy, the good people at Bummis took their cloth diaper know-how and continue to put it to good use for the rest of us by designing and producing some amazing cloth diaper products!

I have been a Bummis fan since I began cloth diapering. Bummis was my first choice for a travel wetbag when we started out. Then my FIRST diaper review was a Bummis Swim Diaper! Then I won a full size wetbag from them last year in a contest. Now, I have the pleasure to review their Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Cover! I guess we are a Bummis family!

What caught my eye about the Super Whisper Wrap, I’ll admit it, was the great Big City print which Bummis so kindly sent for review. As you know, my son loves his cars. He loves having cars on his diapers too! When he has this on, he’s always pointed at his butt and telling me, “Car! Car!”

Bummis lists the Super Whisper Wrap as having a wide fit for fitted diapers. It’s true the SWW generously holds the fitteds I happen to have. But check out how the cross-over hook/loop closure feature also creates a trim fit at the same time! (This is with an insert, not a fitted). So this diaper is roomy, but with a trim profile! I like that in a diaper.

One of the first things I noticed when I received my diaper is the thickness of the fabric. The SWW is 2 mil PUL laminate sandwiched between 2 layers of polyester fabric. The benefits are 1) a heavy duty diaper and 2) no laminate touching your child’s skin!

Something great about Bummis diapers is how they have a range of diapering products - from the SWW heavy-duty, the Super Brite lightweight, Super Lite and Bummis Original very lightweight and the Bummi pant at super lightweight. Each of these diapers have slightly different features. So you’re sure to find a diaper that can fit your child.

So the prints are fun. The fit is great. The performance exceptional – it really contains … even the unexpected major blowout my baby had yesterday (like, seriously, I thought we were past that stage!). But nothing leaked!!

I knew I would NOT be disappointed by this diaper. I’m so thankful I had my Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in rotation during the flats challenge this week too! With all the new techniques and diapering going on, it was a relief to have a dependable diaper cover!
Now I’m eyeballing those newborn sizes for the next baby… whenever that might be!

Editor's Note:  If you're in the mood for a coupon and a giveaway, head over to A Year With Mom and Dad and enter to win some Osocozy flats.  If it's a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap you'd like to win, they've got a giveaway for that too.

a year with mom and dad
This post is republished with permission by the original author, Julie Kieras.  Julie is a freelance writer and stay-at-home-mom.  She writes a parenting and family life blog at A Year With Mom and Dad, where you’ll find motherhood musings, product reviews, great giveaways, and an occasional thought from Dad’s Log!  She enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, and the great outdoors!

***Want to learn more about the flats challenge?  See the official rules here.***

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