Monday, May 23, 2011

Flats Challenge Day 1: So It Begins...

My sweet little angle woke up this morning, grinned at me, and then promptly filled her pants  :::sigh:::.  So for my first diaper change of the flats challenge I used a Walmart flour sack towel, origami folded (my favorite fold), pinned, with a Child of Mine cover over it.

My plan of attack for today is to try out all the diapers singly, without any soakers or doubling, and just see how far that gets me.  I expect today may be a little leakier than usual, but I thought for the sake of science, I should give each diaper a fair shake at holding its own. 

My arsenal for this week includes:

  • 4 Child of Mine plastic waterproof pull on pants
  • 1 homemade no-sew fleece wrap (tutorial coming!)
  • 4 sets of locking head diaper pins (Athough at the moment I can only find 2 sets plus 1 stray pin.  I started out with 2 sets but then when I found myself down to just one pin before the challenge even started I bought another set.  Things tend to grow legs and walk away around here, especially small things.)
  • 1 dozen Child of Mine flat diapers
  • flour sack towels
  • 1 homemade no-sew flannel flat (I just cut a large square piece of flannel)
  • 4 Garanimals flannel receiving blankets
  • 1 camp washer that also functions as a diaper pail (I bought an extra lid with no hole to use between washes)
  • 16 baby washcloths to use for wipes
  • 3 assorted size waterproof camp bags for wet bags
  • 1 bottle of Purex free and clear detergent (I heard Ecos is great for the environment but not so good for diapers, so I got my old standby Purex instead)
  • accordian style wooden drying rack
  • NO tub sprayer!  I'm sad, but this kind of sprayer isn't compatible with either of our tub spouts - darn.  Oh well, the challenge was anti-sprayer anyways and I'm NOTHING if not a girl who plays by the rules ;-)
**Walmart has a lot more items in store than they list on their website, but I linked the items I used that they did have on the website incase you wanted to know more.**

I'm very excited to be starting and this is going to be a FUN week!  Be sure to check back here every day for a new flats challenge blog post including some posts by guest bloggers and some sweet tutorials.  I thought I smelled something that smelled like a giveaway at the end of the week, but we'll have to just wait and see on that one ;-)

As we begin the challenge in earnest, my stats are as follows:

Total $$ Spent: $100.68 with tax, (includes the extra covers, pins, and a new bottle of detergent)
Total Time Spent: 2:02 (added another Walmart trip and the first change)
Total Diapers Changed: 1
Total Leaks: 0

See you tomorrow!

***Want to learn more about the flats challenge?  See the official rules here.***

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  1. Good for you for doing the challenge! I am really interested in the no sew fleece wrap tutorial when you have a chance to get it up. I have been trying to find something like that online for ages!

    I am also doing the flats challenge! :)

  2. Welcome to the blog meow! I've got a tutorial planned for tomorrow for some tips and tricks on getting the most out of your flat folds but then I think Thursday or Friday will be the cover tutorial so stop back then. I too looked high and low for a good no-sew cover but didn't find anything so I figured this little dandy out :-)

  3. Thanks!

    Awesome! I will definitely stop by to check it out! I have lots of fleece so Im excited to see what you came up with. :)

    And Im always interested in getting the most out of my flat folds. :)

  4. Holy moly my day got away from me lol - I'm doing a Wordless Wednesday I think and going to spend tomorrow working on that cover tutorial because I've got a preschooler size fleece cover to make too...


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